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About Harry F. Long, Inc. Long Customs Broker

The founder of the company, Mr. Harry F. Long, came to Chicago from Florida and in 1965 opened up a one man office. At that time, there were only a handful of Customs Brokers in Chicago.

In 1988, Harry F. Long, Inc. was one of the first Brokers in Chicago to become "ABI" certified by U.S. Customs. The company was C-TPAT certified in 2003.

Recently, Harry F. Long, Inc. received a compliance rating of 98.82% from Customs in the Port of Chicago, beating the port average by 5%.

Although Mr. Long passed away in 1994, the company has continued to grow.

The company is independently owned and operated by a group of partners that are committed to providing the same level of professional service that Mr. Long provided.

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